Riggers' Forum 2016

This year's Riggers' Forum will be held on Sunday 18th September at London Olympia.

The Riggers' Forum, now in its 6th year in London, is an opportunity for freelance and in-house riggers to discuss with their peers the issues affecting their daily working lives. The Forum begins with a short presentation but focusses on an open floor discussion for most of the afternoon. 


As in previous years the Forum is aimed squarely at working riggers who rarely have an opportunity to discuss their opinions outside the workplace. We’ve been holding these very successfully in Leeds and London for several years, 2014 seeing the first one held north of the Border at the SECC in Glasgow.

In keeping with a tried and tested programme, a short topical presentation will be followed by an open forum for riggers to discuss the issues of the day. It’s free to attend and a great opportunity for the rigging community to meet and network in London.


Sunday 16 September
10am - 6pm
Monday 17 September
10am - late
Tuesday 18 September
10am - 4pm